You can keep your broccoli and dry toast
Come Thanksgiving a turkey to roast
Those salad greens get so boring sometimes
Chocolate tastes good but sure doesn't rhyme

No Atkins diet will I even try
Too many expensive foods to buy
As far as pushing away from table
I might try that if I am able

But you know dear friends at this time of year
It's tough to diet of this I fear
I'll never have a twiggy type of shape
Too late for me I cannot escape

I may not be perfect and this is fact
So if you see me please use some tact
Don't mention that I am much overweight
From the long years of food that I ate

If you are perfect without any fault
Then you can chastise me without halt
Good things may be hidden in my big girth
Look close and you will see what I'm worth

By Sharon (





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