December the first
Twenty-four shopping days left
Lots of time, no prob

Now itís the second
Make a card list, check it twice
Shop for some nice cards

The third already. Yikes!
Now where did November go?
Gotta get presents!

The fourth of the month
Time seems to be rushing by
Now I need a tree!

Five Golden Rings song
The fifth and Iím in a knot
Panic setting in.

December seventh
An old day of infamy
Iíll bemuse later

Eight maids milking now
I stepped in the damn cow pies
I need new shoes

Sixteen days to go!
Cards, gifts, dinner all loom nigh
At least the milkís fresh

The tenth day is here
Iíll have to shop in the snow
Iím now on Plan B

Eleven, hard line
Leaping Lords make me crazy
Hope I make the day

Twelve is a dozen
Of days into December
Half of my time gone

Lucky thirteen now
The time moves more rapidly
Goals appear closer

The fourteenth day now
All gifts bought but need wrapping
What for dinner feast?

Main course for feast?
Fifteen choices fill my list.
Down to ham or bird

Dinner choice: turkey
Sixteen dishes adjoin him
It is soup to nuts

Seventeenth day now
The tree is up, trimming nigh
Baubles will abound

Eighteen, the years are days
My family has come home
Hugs and kisses

Itís Day Nineteen now
Six days to go to Christmas
Packages to wrap

December twentieth
Last minute shoppers stampede
Trampling my bod.

Twenty-first day a nightmare
Can I wrap with just fingers?
Lights have dried the tree!

Day two-two guess what?
Sugar Plum Fairy wears one
Gay Bay Holiday

Panic besets me
Day twenty-three, the Tide rises
What is forgotten?

Itís Christmas Eve
Ma in kerchief, me in cap
Dreamt all during nap

Christmas Day bells ring
Peace, goodwill to all mankind
Merry Christmas, all!!






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