Not as mean as I appear to be
Many feelings have been hurt ----
with this acid tongue

Regrets running rampant --
but appear too little -- too late
Foot in mouth, a constant disease

Didn't learn the art of finesse -- but
appears I'm being asked to accept
one's abhorrent behavior !!

It matters not they're out
to destroy my only pleasure
Shall I slink away in defeat ?

Must I accept the wickedness of 'one' ?
Is my goodness the fallen star -
while evilness reigns on ?

When I cry -- I cry alone
while laughter resides in those around
---- delighting in my grief !

What's my fate to come ?
Has my 'star' become so tarnished
It's no longer of use?

These are my words to ponder
No hidden meaning intended
Is evil to override the good?

By Connie (







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