Another Christmas season is approaching, and of course I miss you more at this time of year. This is my 10th year without you, my one true love. I know I am not a youngster, but just the thought of you makes my skin tingle as much today as it did almost 50 years ago. The electricity in the air when we were in a room together was visible to all.

I am told I should be "over" you, but how does one get over the very air she breathes? I have no control over it, but if I did, this would be my last year alone.

We have wonderful kids and grandkids, but they just aren't enough for me. I know you are watching over me and taking care of me because I wasn't supposed to live this long.

I will enjoy the season for what it really is, and have fun outwardly with the family. But as soon as the new year arrives I hope to see you and hold you forever more, my beloved Arnold.

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