Gift Wrap

By Sharon (

Oh a package came just for me
I gaze at it with much glee
Postal paper so brown and dull
But inside something will call

Yes, as I take off the old wrap
The gift inside springs its trap
Colorful wrapping oh so bright
In my eyes happiness light

Carefully I remove the bow
Taking off the wrapping slow
Folding it carefully without tear
For use in future to share

In a drawer just for such a thing
More colorful paper and string
Someone else will receive a gift
To give their spirits a lift

Double duty that wrap will get
A sweet grandchild will fidget
When they get a gift so pretty
Knowing they are loved by me

The Gift Exchange

By Phyllis Ann (

Pretty packages under a tree of green,
What, oh what do these wrappings mean?

Are they to disguise a pretty surprise,
Or are they concealing a few little lies.

Brown paper bags with yarn tied in bows,
Square boxes wrapped in funny papers are stacked in rows.

Then there are bags in lots of shapes with colored paper and prizes.
Do they hold expensive or cheap garments in wrong sizes?

Oh, there's a Wal-Mart bag with no wrapping at all.
I think I'll take that instead of the pretty wrapped one from the mall.

Guess what, it's the one I brought afterall.

A Gift Wrapped

By Norma (

Once there was a package,
Shiny, silver, and blue,
If only that one were mine, I thought,
Though I knew it couldn't be true.

The Christmas tree was twinkling,
Out-of-town boxes had come.
Red, green and printed paper,
Christmas was almost done.

Still I had my heart set
On that one silver blue and shiny,
Though I knew it couldn't be mine,
Inside I was sad and whiny.

Christmas morn dawned and my Daddy
Played Santa Claus from the floor.
Here's one for Mother, a red one,
Green for sister, print for me near the door.

And I waited as each was opened,
Perfume for Mother and me, a doll for my sister,
Socks and tie for Daddy, too.
Radioed carols played with a bluster.

Everyone had a stocking with an embroidered name,
And lots of little things unwrapped,
Still no more for myself,
My cap was just about to snap.

Then Daddy said "Here's one I didn't see!
Big Sister, it's for you!"
It was the very one I longed for,
Silver, shiny and blue.

Didn't matter much what was in it,
So special from someone I knew.
It came across the seas from my sailor.
My love in the red, white and blue.

Gift Wrap

By Frannie (

I am always amazed at how beautifully some people wrap gifts--all that satin ribbon and matching bows. I've always taken a simple approach to wrapping gifts. I buy appropriate wrapping paper and scotch tape it neatly. I was never one for bows and ribbons. But in my old age, I've decided to get a bit frivolous, so I will add some ribbons and bows this year.

I am one who unwraps gifts carefully. I don't save the paper to use again, but I don't like tearing into the gift as though I can't wait to see what's inside.

Gift Wrap

By Swampetta (

There was a time in my youth,
To tell you the truth..
I wanted my packages outstanding!
But now that I'm older,
And a lot less bolder,
It's really a lot more demanding.

I'd buy fancy spangled tissue,
But there was an issue.
The socks in it were really cheap.
They only cost $2.98
But it come out to nearly eight.
Although it looked quite "Top 'O The Heap"!

Then with each year that passed,
The wraps got more half-assed.
No more gold tape and glittery string.
Some I just left in the bag.
But I left on the tag
In case they exchanged everything.

Now I give a lot less
And skip over the mess.
In an envelope I'll stuff some money.
And no one's complaining
And I'm not explaining!
Happy Holidays to ya Honey!

Gift Wrap

By Tom (

At gift wrapping I am infamous!
“Here is one from dad,”
For the worst wrapper I am,
And he hee, I like it that way.

Take a piece of wrapping paper
Put it over whatever,
Then tape it closed, write a name
On a corner and stash it under the tree.

Others hours do spend,
Making packages so pretty,
Works of art they seem to be,
But the contents it does not affect.

Stick it in a box; wrap it as it is,
Make it look horrible,
A tom wrapped present you do have,
Wonder what is inside?

Coming from a family that prided itself
In beautiful packages,
I did not want someone else
Wrapping mine,
So ergo, ugly packages tom does have.

Coins, jinglers, rattlers
All into boxes I place,
Maybe even a heavy ash tray
Or a sack of beans included.

To me it is fun,
And only to the contents hide.
But one thing for sure,
I only use one style of wrapping paper.





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