By Frannie (

Rushing from store to store
Looking for bargains galore
Jewelry and chocolate candy
Make this joyful season dandy
For Christmas.

A tree clad with tinsel and light
Outdoor decorations so bright
A lot of fuss for those we love
The greatest gift comes from above
For Christmas.

Carols floating through the air
People smiling without a care
Little children and Santa Claus
Remember to give pause
For Christmas.

Icy winds and falling snow
People rushing, places to go
Singing merrily all the way
Whether by car or sleigh
For Christmas.

Try to not lose sight
Of the meaning this night
The fun and the food
The holiday mood
For Christmas.

A Savior is adored
God's love for us outpoured
Divine and holy light
For every soul shines bright
For Christmas.






By Sharon (

Come December activites begin
Pretty lights don the London Bridge
There's shopping frenzy as everyone can
Outside air feels like inside fridge

Kittens play with dangling bulbs on the tree
Baking galore in the oven
Children beg Santa to bring toys to me
While families give lots of lovin

The boat parade is in planning for lake
With lights strung along on the mast
People will gather in groups to partake
The boats will move slowly not fast

Someone put hat and whiskers on cacti
Desert decorations are strange
It seems friendly people wave and yell hi
Yule parties are fun to arrange

Invitations sent out well in advance
Bright packages lay under tree
Children in excitement run and they dance
Laughing out loud in cheerful glee

Music blasts all over the crowded store
Harried people rush and they shove
Red velvet dresses that little girls wore
Boys in warm mittens or fur glove

Come December fake reindeer find their way
To our desert city right here
Plans go on steadily day after day
Ha! There is no snow for to clear






By Swampetta (

It took me a few years before I realized that all the hoo-ha wasn't for my birthday. Between Hanukah and Christmas I really thought that I was ME that people are celebrating!

My friend from childhood was similarly confused...her birthday was December 24... For many years now I have been celebrating the Winter Solstice. It sort of covers all the bases. It means that the next three months will be devoted to cold weather and boots.

The only decoration I put up is a Peace Symbol. It's that circle divided into thirds, very popular during the 60's. It has blue lights and hangs in my front window. I do get strange looks from the neighbors but no more than usual.

This should be the season where we look out for each other. Put aside the religious aspects and look to see if there is someone out there who could use something that you can provide. It doesn't have to be some huge donation. Shoveling the snow off your neighbor's sidewalk is a big deal when he is too unsteady to do it himself and can't afford to pay someone to do it.

I don't donate to organizations. The idea that the people in charge of it get large paychecks and all sorts of 'perks' is what puts me off. If you have a senior citizen building in your area, there is usually a bookcase that can use some new books. That's NEW books...not the paperbacks that you stored in the box in the cellar in 1975. Senior housing is also a way to give someone something. The offices know who is just about getting by and if you ask them to, they will make sure that someone who needs a small order of groceries will get it. Don't do it just to make someone send you a thank you note. Leave your name off and put "Santa Claus" on a card. .......Like I do.






By Tom (

December is a-coming,
Some folks are a-caroling
But me, I think bah humbug
For all are a spending.

Money does hard come,
And money does easily go.
But after years of studying,
I find that a lot are faking.

Spend, spend, buy, buy -
Is the byword most do follow.
A small useful thing,
I try to a few give.

People begging,
All dressed better than I,
Makes me wonder,
For I know my bank account and saving.

So as an old coot does
I dream of yore,
Dream and do remember
How things then were much simpler.

A big orange, a new pair of gloves
Some nuts and candy.
Good wishes to all
And a mutual understanding.

So all celebrate in their own way,
Spend what you wish or can,
Me, I will save most of my pennies
And a toy for an old man buy.









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