Hymn to the Economy

Hark! The cash registers ring!
People buying everything.
Lots of guns, no permits filed.
Swap meets surely can be wild.

Peggy Sue needs a new coat.
But Billy Bob just bought a boat.
All the kids need new shoes.
Welcome to the Holiday Blues!

Zack and Ellie can't pay the rent.
On an X-Box the money got spent.
They can't play it now until...
They pay off the electric bill.

All the sweat, strain and toil.
Christmas trees made from tin foil.
Decorations full of blazing light
Where's the Silent, Holy night?


The Fireman's Carol

Alarm bells, something smells
There's a big fire in the city.

Hear them clang, the ladders bang
Town square looks like a pity.

And there's hoses,. lots of hoses..
All covered with ice,
The air's filled with screaming and curses.

The big E.M.T. truck
Just ran out of luck,
And there's also a shortage of nurses.

Part of the charms,
Are the car alarms.
All of them honking away.

I'll go back to bed.
With my throbbing head.
And tomorrow is just another day.


Walking in a Winter Underworld.

Sirens wail...are you listening?
In the street, blood is glistening.
It's busy tonight, with a gang fight.
And the Troopers left the barricades unmanned.

In the alley we can mug an old man.
And we watch as he is falling down.
He'll say, "HELP!" we'll say, "Not our game plan"
"We're gonna buy all the beer in town!"

Later on, we perspire
Because we set the church on fire.
We laughed with delight.
What a hell of a night!
This is something that you cannot understand.

We got busted and find out there's no bail.
Gonna spend some down time here in jail.
All hungover tonight,
A miserable sight.
This ain't quite exactly what we planned.


By Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)









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