Momma always said that Frannie Sue rushed through life like the "devil was at her heels." Momma said a real southern lady meandered as she walked along, she did not fly at top speed like Frannie Sue mostly did.

Last Tuesday, at the Piggly Wiggly, Momma waited in the Bakery aisle, "chewing the fat" with Betty Lou as Frannie Sue rushed through the aisles "lickety-split" with her buggy. As she rounded the Produce section, Frannie Sue caught a glimpse of an unfolding drama near the checkout line. A tall and scrawny kid, gun in hand, was approaching the cashier.

Frannie Sue grabbed firm hold of her buggy, which was now filled with heavy cans of Pinto Beans, Black-Eyed Peas and three pounds of okra, and rushed toward the would-be robber. Moving like "greased lightning" she smashed him in the back and sent him sprawling, the gun safely out of his reach. Before Frannie Sue could do further damage with her cart, she could hear sounds of the PO-lice sirens approaching. The cashier had pushed an emergency button.

Momma missed the whole adventure. Just as well. She would have been mortified by Frannie Sue's unladylike behavior. Momma said Frannie Sue would never be a real southern belle.


By Frannie (

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