Old friend i look for you
When i get on line
You aren't here anymore

I miss you so
I think of things i want to share
Share with you
But you aren't here

Did you change your sn?
Or did I offend you someway?
I knew we were great friends at one time
Then you were gone.

I ask about you but
My questions go unanswered
I think of the fun i had
When we spent time together.

At least I had fun
Your hospitality was wonderful
Perhaps you didn't enjoy those times?
Well if I get another chance.

I will be better and be a better friend
I will listen more and talk less
I'll take you out to eat
Perhaps I can show you a few things too.

Show you places from my past
and people too
let you come into my life
I was so cautious, next time i'll do better.

By Brier (Brierhillbarbara@aol.com)





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