Thought my parents were "Square",
And I was cool as ice.
Until I found myself there,
A rectangle, a square twice!

My education was to leave me "Well-Rounded",
But I was more "Elliptical"
The rumors were unfounded,
Making me sort of skeptical.

I saw a guy named Freud.
Mined me like a "Diamond".
Now I feel more "Rhomboid",
And I used up my emergency fund.

Played a tune on my "Triangle"
Sounded great to me.
But the notes were in a tangle.
So I said; "Just let it be."

A favorite shirt that I put on,
Mostly red and trimmed with white.
But I'm shaped like an "Octagon"
So everyone stopped at the sight.

"Sir? I don't know where I am?"
They said a Town Square was here.
But this is shaped like a "Paralellogram".
Can I find it anywhere near?"

By Swampetta (





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