Another Thanksgiving is upon us.
We are beginning to cook without too much frustration and fuss.

I made from scratch pie crusts today and put them in the freezer.
Preparation ahead of time makes the day of cooking less stressful and, therefore, a pleaser.

So much to do, and eaten so fast it seems,
But we have to have the day to feather our dreams.

There will be days ahead when we can't prepare these large meals for our family and guests.
This is the time to make memories and to do our best.

Time is passing swiftly as the days roll along.
So, every Thanksgiving must be sung like a song.

We must review the year just past as well as the Thanksgivings we have shared with ones long ago.
Each must be recalled with family who remember and know.

Mama is gone and dear Dad too, along with Grandma and Grandpa and many others too numerous to name.
In the future, we know not when, we will join them and hope to be remembered by those we love the same.

As we gather together around the table this year,
May we say a prayer and remember those we hold dear.

By Phyllis Ann (



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