Where did Christmas go?
Did it leave with global warming, the ice and the snow?

It is still more blessed to give than receive?
Is an old fashioned Christmas too hard to conceive?

Chaos has replaced Silent Night and the Peace on Earth Good Will Toward Men.
The way people herd through shopping malls is almost a sin.

No more quiet eves in Grandpaís arm chair do I see.
No more children laughing over simple pleasures with innocent glee.

Where did Christmas go?
I have pondered the question and think I know.

It went from the rural landscape with the birth of the information highway.
It was replaced with a need for materialism and doing things ďmy wayĒ.

It only lingers in the face of a child who is still an innocent babe,
Or in the face of the elderly before to their rest they are laid.

Oh, that the joy of Christmas past would return to our weary souls before itís too late.
Itís too bad that technological gadgets have sealed our fate.

Where did Christmas go?
It is lost in the greed of big business; donít you know?








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