Winter winds, blowing cold across my heart
Why you chose this time to part
I'll never know
Holiday world, happiest, saddest times of year
Are just not right without you here
Why did you go?

Spring wind, sighing softly thru the trees
Trying desperately to ease
My broken heart
New world, everything fresh and green
But a new love i've not seen
nor care to start

Seasons turn and turn again
Winter snow and summer rain
Autumn mist and springtime showers
Join my tears thru countless hours

Summer breeze, blowing hot and dry
It's getting easier not to cry
And memories fade
Noisy world, fireworks, and childrens' yells
Things move slowly but I heal
I've got it made!

Autumn winds, taking away the hurt and pain
I won't allow it to enter again
into my mind and heart
Fluttery world, leaves fall and skitter about
I'll find new love, there's no doubt
I'm ready to start!

By susi (



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