By Tom (

white birch does blend in,
as snow piles against its trunk
beauty in winter

slogging through the snow
winter wonders I do see
serenity yes

frosted firs about
clumps of snow birds a-singing
peaceful the forest

smooth blanket of snow
a Christmas tree a-hunting
large snowflakes falling

white birch bark so smooth
ah its beauty in season
so stripped in winter

By Marilyn (

winter's first snowflakes
settle on birch trees and the
great northwoods turns white

black etchings on white -
a musical score on snow?
New Hampshire bird walk

black-capped chickadee
sits on a white velvet limb
and sings its heart out

on the winter lake
thousands of diamonds twinkle
in the morning sun

starry winter night
and all is quiet - then comes
the howl of a wolf










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