My ocean calls to me,
It sings many different tunes.
High tide brings a symphony
Bethooven's Ninth among the dunes.

When the water is at its lowest,
It hums a lullaby.
And the sleeping clams it's kissed,
Snuggle in the sand and sigh.

But when the Nor'east winds are blowing,
Waves twice as high as my head.
You can hear other music flowing,
"Truckin'" by the Grateful Dead.

Could it be God's radio playing?
If such a God there be...
As on the sand my body is laying.
And Neptune sings to me.

Never will I fail to listen
As the watery opera goes along.
Sunlight on the waves will glisten,
When Mother Nature sings her song.

By Swampetta (

The painting is a Swampetta original.



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