I whisper sweet I love you's and never forget
You are loved so very much
You are a sweet bundle of joy
You are loved beyond belief

I love you no more or less than my other grandchildren
you are so perfect and precious.
So small and yet make such a big change in lives.
I kiss your little forehead.

Because of you so much has happened.
Because of you your father is growing up.
Because of you perhaps some will see
You are a gem from God to the world.

Your life is yours and is given by the Almighty
I pray you live long and happy and well.
I wish you could have known your Granddad.

I hope I get the chance to tell you about him.
I want you to be close to your family members.
We all love you so much, you have become
A part of each of us, very quickly, Love

By Barbara (Brierhillbarbara@aol.com)



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