Here we sit with a foot in two different years.
Weighing tomorrow’s hopes against yesterdays fears.
Is this something new for which we give thanks?
Or is there a space in our memory banks?

How nice to have something unexpected!
But is it something we have once rejected?
Another day changes our views
And nothing is older than yesterday’s news.

I see the future as a blank slate.
And what already happened is an empty plate.
I can draw every day a new picture to see.
Even if the only one to see it is me.

I will awaken each morning to the sun in my face.
And take every hour at a comfortable pace.
Planning ahead..? Five minutes, no more,
But I’ll open a window and then slam the door.

So many things I could find to regret.
It’s a blessing that in old age I forget.
Time gallops forward, it used to be slow.
And for the moment…I’ll go with the flow.



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