I stood and listened
As a breeze blew, the snow a-falling,
My hat was white, my beard all wet,
As I heard the bells a-jingling.

No lights saw I, only the flakes a-falling,
But bells I did hear a-jingling.
My pulse did quicken as I looked about,
Then a bass voice I heard a-singing.

The snow grew heavier and I shaded my eyes,
Then a red light blinking, to my surprise.
I peered and strained for a better look,
As I saw it, I pinched myself.

“Remember to smile old man,” he said,
“Be kind to others and set an example.”
I knew I was sober as it was in a halo,
That little man a driving, It couldn’t be so.

But as the jingling faded away,
The snow did stop and I looked about.
I stood a-looking and a-grinning,
As I shouted, “Merry Christmas.”

© By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)






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