I have an Agnostic friend, Dave,
Who simply doesnít understand
Why folks feel his soul they must save.
He feels he has things well in hand.

Thereís freedom of religion here,
In the home of the free and brave;
While that should leave you in the clear,
Still folks are concerned for you, Dave.

Canít you zero in on belief?
For thatís what Agnostics imply.
It would bring those people relief,
If youíd be prudent. Simply lie!

I urge you to give this some thought:
Choose a religion you prefer.
Freedom of choice is what youíve got;
But NO choice, the laws donít infer.

America isnít the place
For confused Agnostics and such,
Passing up the chance for Godís grace,
With all of those dogmas to clutch.

Canít you see how foolish you were,
With freedom to be what you wish?
Pick any one you might prefer -
Christian, Muslim, Mormon, Jewish.

There are more cults, too, certainly,
But NO non-sectarian thought,
In the land of the almost free.
Just believe! Donít claim you do not.

© By RickMack (rmrickmack@aol.com)

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