Dottie was down on her luck for sure.
She never figured out why she couldn't stay with the cure.

One night she was especially hungry for KFC.
So, she went to the dumpster to see what she could see.

There on the top, neatly wrapped by the KFC kids,
Were some leftover drumsticks for those on the skids.

Dottie was happy to have a good meal,
And she thought better of trying to steal.

Over at the local mall was a big collection bin,
Taking from it she thought it not to be a sin.

After all, it was for the likes of her,
And it overflowed onto the pavement and made her purr.

Down on her knees that night in the dark,
She found a warm coat to place in her cart.

Soon with her meal and her coat,
She felt right proud and started to gloat.

The river was close to the park, and she thought about a dip,
But the air was just too cold her clothing to strip.

The shelter was full, no room for her in the inn.
Aunt Bertha wouldn't let her stay, even though they were kin.

So, she found a church with an open door,
And slipped inside and around the box for the poor.

No one was in sight to tell her to leave.
Dottie, found a hallway where she thought no one could see,
and began to roll up her sleeve.

Up high in the ceiling a skylight beamed down a bright light.
Dottie looked up and squinted to see not without some fright.

An image appeared big, bright and bold.
It had two wings that shone like pure gold.

The face appeared both gentle and kind,
But the light made Dottie feel as if she were blind.

She dropped the needle and never took it up again.
She laid flat on the floor and her addiction promised to end.

She crawled to the altar and stayed there all night.
Her prayers were said over and over and ended her plight.

A Sister carried her to rehab the next day,
And clean and straight she promised to stay.

Now Dottie is no longer diving in dumpsters for her food, clothing and needs.
She is helping others fight their problems as with them she pleads.





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