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Have you ever been to a Nursing Home? If not, everyone in their lifetime should go and visit one. The above picture depicts a scene that I saw when I was going to visit a friend at this Nursing Home in a near by city. While I was walking up the side walk, I noticed this man who was apparently in his 40's, down on one knee, holding his mother's hand and talking so sweetly and kind to her. Now of course, she was not even aware he was there, as her eyes were closed and her head had dropped to her chest.

But it never stopped this young man from visiting and talking to his Mother. He didn't care who saw him down on one knee holding her hand and saying enduring words to her, although she never acknowledged anything he was saying, she just 'might' have remembered his sweet voice anyway. He must have been such a wonderful son and she must have been a wonderful Mother, too. Normally, you don't see this kindness and compassion in most men, but I'm glad to know, I saw it in my lifetime. He never looked up when I was walking by, and continued to talk softly to her. Of course, I couldn't make out the words, but words were unimportant as far as I was concerned, it was this vivid picture of what I saw that was the most touching scene I had ever witnessed in my life.

In Nursing Homes, the men, but mostly women, were either sitting on a couch, or sitting in a wheel chair with their heads resting on their breast bone, totally unaware of what is going on around them. Some are bedridden and are in their rooms. It's a very pitiful and heart-wrenching sight to see -- just to know these old people are 'throw aways' - so to speak. While I know some children cannot take care of their parents for financial reasons, but most just don't want to be bothered with them when they have outgrown their usefulness. Sad that children of 'today' have this view of things, but they do.

When my Mother's Mom and Dad were getting too old to care for one another, as they lived way out in the country, Mother's sister took her Mother and my Mother took her Daddy. They had to separate them, cause it would have presented too much of a burden on one child to have them both, and that's where they lived till they passed away. You rarely see this kindness to a parent anymore. Nowadays, everyone seems to have no use for a parent, cause it takes up their 'time' away from the things they like doing, such as eating out, going to parties, taking vacations, but most of all, the upkeep. After all, they require medicine, attention, and some are even bedridden, and a child does not want to do that for a parent, even a parent who has devoted their entire lives caring for their children, sick or deformed -- as you can see, it's much easier to let the Nursing Home do it.

But when they are sent to a nursing home, most of the time, the children rarely visit but maybe once a month, then that slacks off to once every two months and even less as time goes on. For they might just call and see how they are instead - therefore, they don't have to visit at all!

So when you have the time, go visit a Nursing Home in your city -- it will soften your heart for years to come. Who knows, you may see the same sweet scene I saw -- cause for sure, it will have everlasting memories.






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