It was right after the big war. We got a new post office, down by the reservoir. It was tiny but Miss Thelma didn't seem to mind. So from then on I had to walk all the way down and back to get our mail. The steps up were high and steep.

As I was looking at our mail and inching my way down the stairs, I felt some one very close. All of a sudden in front of half the town that Ralphy kissed me on the lips! Of all people in this world. I cried all the way home.

Someone had called grandma on the phone and she was waiting for me on the porch. Lifting the apron and wiping my tears, listening to my sad tale of woe, she said best I go upstairs and bathe.

Later Gram asked what I did or said to Ralphy.

I told her I slapped Ralphy and said, "You should shut your water off."

Funny, after that year I never saw Ralphy again. Ralphy's family was real big and they were truly poor. We were poor, too, but we never talked about it. Did I mention I was only 5 years old?

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