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Very cold and dreary
Icing up my limbs and bones
Dark and dismal month

Sliding, slippery
Watch your walking and driving
Month to stay at home.

February stinks
Except for Valentines Day
And my Happy Birthday.

By Frannie (

Hello February, good bye snowy old January,
Hello valentines day and thoughts of thaws.
Goodbye intense cold, hello lots of wind.
What do you have in store?

Hello February, month of chocolate,
Month of hearts and loving words.
Months of flowers and subtle smiles,
What will you have for me?

Hello February and your pre BB frenzy.
Hello to another holiday.
Short month and the prelude
To March wind and rains

By Tom (

Hello to the Month of February
This winter has been so cold
So nice to see you arriving again
The chill was growing so old

Hello my friendly February
Soon flowers will be in bloom
Old Man Winter will take a flying leap
And warm sun will replace gloom

February you are such a short month
But you bring needed respite
For a little guy you manage somehow
To give winter a big fight

I hear the quail calling out to their mates
Cactus wrens building their nest
Not to hot yet to burn off the roses
Snapdragons are quite well dressed

Hello to the Month of February
When love is shown all around
It won't be long now friend February
When natures babies abound

By Sharon (

I love you February,
Like "tomorrow" in the song.
I love you February,
Cause January's gone.

But if you copy January
And stay so cold and dreary,
I'm warning you I'll fall for March,
Take out of you your starch.

By Norma (

Hello February! I feel your chilly embrace.
Blowing snowflake kisses on my face.
So far winter hasn't been very wild.
January seemed to be rather mild.

But in the past week, the furnace is working.
Up til then, it definitely was shirking.
Now the radiators are frantically hissing.
You brought the cold I thought I was missing.

February, the next four weeks you've got.
Then this winter will be shot.
Until then you can try everything.
Because in March I'll be thinking spring!

By Swampetta (







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