I saw your name,
And thought I’d die!
On Classmates Reunion,
When I gave it a try.

Class of 1958,
Two years ahead of me.
When you were a senior,
A sophomore I’d be.

We dated a lot,
For Crying Out Loud!
My own football hero
And I was so proud.

Then you joined the Navy
And after you went,
I wrote lots of letters
That never got sent.

I spent time in college
Then I just lost track.
I never did know
When you got back.

Somebody told me
That you married Sweet Sue.
I hooked up with Benny
And he sure wasn’t you.

So I sent you an E-mail
You replied right away.
We’re both again single
It’s our lucky day!

In the diner I waited.
I sat for an hour.
‘Til the coffee was cold
And the crème puff went sour.

As I got up
To head for the door
I tripped on my cane
And fell on the floor.

A waitress helped me
To get to my feet
And a wizened old man
Said; ”Oh Lord! Ain’t this sweet?”

Seems I was sitting
In the wrong booth
You were right behind me
While I thought you uncouth.

I stared and I said;
“Is that really you Jack?”
You nodded and spoke;
“Got to pee, be right back!”

I sat back down.
You were such a smooth talker,
And you sure get around fast
For a guy with a walker.

The light was near blinding
Reflected off your bald head.
And your dentures slipped out
When you bit into the bread.

You stared at my chest.
Said; “What happened to your honkers?”
“You had such a great rack
They near drove me bonkers!”

“Believe me dear Jack,
They are all still right there.
Which is more than you can say
About your teeth and your hair!”

We both started laughing,
With howls and then roars.
But I had to stop
‘Fore I peed in my drawers.

We reminisced for hours
We kissed when we parted
And you were so cute
As you blushed when you farted.

All the years slipped away,
Like water down a drain.
And in one week,
We’ll meet here again

Our Golden Age Love
Is like a fancy, sweet wine.
That’s been sitting in a bottle
Since it got off the vine.

I sit here tonight
With just one regret…
I should have worn the bra
From Victoria’s Secret!

© By Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)






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