They thought I was out of my mind
When I told them I had found
The love of my life on the Internet
My plans seemed not very sound.

"Friends only" we remained for years
You married someone who lived close by
I knew in my heart I wished you well
But inside I thought I would die.

The years rolled by, we kept in touch
Only as friends through the years
I prayed to find someone just like you
Earnestly through my tears.

And then the circumstances changed
And you were filled with grief
I tried to comfort you in your loss
Life is unfair and time is a thief.

Another year passed by and then
We finally met face to face
And heaven opened wide its doors
As we stood in a friendly embrace.

Now we're married a year and a half
And those who doubted now praise
The joy and peace that we have found
Now in our golden age days.






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