Winter has settled into the Carolinas
Very little green is left in the landscape
Most is dry and brown.

But as I walk in the yard I spy new tufts of green grass.
Wild onions popping up all over the yard
Time to weed and feed.

Pansies are blooming in the corners near the steps.
Iris are up due to the warm weeks we had awhile back.
Forsythia blooms scantily.

New koi in the fish pond
wow our first to survive
The young koi are dark in color.

They are not as pretty as the parents.
Gossamer tails and fins
Orange as a pumpkin in fall.

Another season, spring beginning to burst
All the bright colors
Some hidden in corners or between rocks.

Surprise Spring popping up
Soon to be followed by summer
A whole new world each season.

By Barbara (




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