Carol went to work as usual. She had no other choice if she expected to pay her rent this month. But her heart wasn't in it. It was only a few days ago, she had found out that she was expecting a baby. The doctor's words still sent a shock wave through her. She had diligently remembered to take her pill. But what she hadn't known or expected, was that the antibiotics she took for a viral infection, had made the pill useless. And now she was pregnant. She also hadn't expected Brad to bail out on her the moment she told him about the baby. Well maybe not the exact moment. He had waited until she had refused his suggestion of aborting. Maybe she hadn't expected the baby or planned for it, but she certainly wasn't going to kill it either. And when she refused, he was gone. Now she had to plan for the child and raising it on her own. And she didn't know how she was going to manage that. But she wouldn't give the baby away either. He or she was Carol's baby. And Carol already loved it.

That morning, after a few hours at her job, her boss called her into his office. She went in with the expectation of being let go. The company was downsizing and this might be one more disappointment she would have to endure. But she was in for a surprise. Her boss praised her work, and told her that though her job was being eliminated, she was being promoted to the position of his assistant. Tears ran down her face. She knew she had to tell him that she was expecting a baby. And when she told him, she was sure he would let her go. But instead he smiled, and told her, that it was a good thing she was getting the promotion, as she would need the extra money to help with expenses. One thing had gone right that week. Carol was appreciative for that.

Months went by and the job was going well. Carol was able to purchase a few things for the second bedroom of her apartment, to outfit it for a nursery. Coworkers began to notice the slight growth around her middle. It wasn't long before several realized that she was pregnant. Carol expected the questions. To her amazement, none were judgmental about her single status.

Then, something strange happened. Flowers began to appear daily on her desk. She asked around, but nobody seemed to know where they were coming from or who had put them there. When she was in her eighth month, her boss suggested she take a paid leave of absence. She gratefully accepted. It was very tiring to come to work each day in these final weeks.

Staying home was difficult. She was used to being busy at work. But she knew this was for the best. Then a few days before February 14th, the doorbell rang. She opened the door to the delivery of a huge arrangement of roses. She put the roses in a vase and set them on the window sill. The next day in the mail, a card came. She opened it to find a Valentine card. The Valentine card was a simple red heart, and inside the only thing it said was .."BE MINE". No name. Curiosity ran rampant through her mind.

That evening the doorbell rang again. This time when she opened it, her boss was standing there with a small package in his had. She invited him in to her apartment. Then went to put on the coffee pot. He followed her into the kitchen and when she turned, he was looking rather shy at her. "I suppose you are wondering about the flowers and Valentine Card?" He asked.

"Yes, of course I am."

"Carol, I don't know where to begin. But I will try. I have admired you for some time now. And in the past year, I have realized I was in love with you. If you would marry me, I would be a wonderful husband to you and father to your child."

"I don't know what to say." She answered.

"Just say yes."

Tears sprang to her eyes. "Yes!"

"Well," he said. "I think the sooner the better. I want this baby to carry my name."

They took a flight out to Las Vegas that night and were married in a small wedding chapel. He placed the ring on her finger. It was what was in the package he had brought to her apartment. Then they flew back and took a taxi to her apartment, where they spent part of the night. But around three in the morning, Carol began labor. He rushed her to the hospital where the little girl was born on Valentine's day. Their very own Valentine in a small bundle. When baby and mother were released from the hospital, Greg drove her to his house where he had moved all her belongings.

And as the years proved, he was a very good husband to her and loving father to the little girl.

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