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Friends And Friendships

By Marilyn (

What would we do without friends? Our life would be lonely if we didn't have at least one good friend. We may have many acquaintances, and it's important to have acquaintances, but an acquaintance isn't someone with whom you would necessarily want to share confidences. A friend is someone you respect and trust; a friend is someone you can go to when you have a problem.

I have met many people on the internet and I have many internet friends, and because of these friends, my life has been greatly enriched. I'm surrounded by friendly neighbors and we look out for each other. I also have a close relationship with every member of my family.

Many childhood friendships last a lifetime, especially if the friends remain in contact with each other. The friendships you formed in high school and college can and are often forever friendships. A good friend is always there for you when you need them. Friendship. Fiction or fact, we look forward to your entry.


My Best Friend, Chris

By Jeanie (

I have a friend and her name is Chris. She is, without a doubt, the dearest friend a person can ask for. She's been my friend for about 40 years now. We met when both of us worked for Eastern Airlines as teletype operators at New York's JFK airport. And, we've been friends ever since.

You know when you meet someone that they are going to be in your lives forever. It was like that for me with Chris. We started out as just going to the movies together. We both liked the horror movies and went to many scary ones. Movies like 'The Omen" and "The Other" that scared us both and kept us hanging on to each other.

When Chris and her husband and daughter moved to Pennsylvania, I thought I would lose her. But, it was not to be. we kept in touch and when I moved back to my home state of Connecticut, we still were there for each other. And, she proved her undying friendship when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. She came to Connecticut and stayed with me, for just one night, and touched me with her love and caring in my time of need. I had family around me then, but she proved her closeness to me by just that one visit. I will never forget that.

Chris has come every year to Connecticut for the Relay For Life, a walk for a cure for cancer. She has seen me thru a reoccurence of the breast cancer and been there to listen to my fears when I was diagnosed with melanoma, a few years later. I have survived it all.

Chris has seen me thru 3 joint replacements, too. She's seen me cry and she's helped to laugh. She knows my innermost secrets and has kept them to herself. I trust her with my life.

Now, we are both going thru the trials of getting older. We call each other on the phone and laugh and talk for more than an hour. We give each other advice and, even if we don't take that advice, from time to time, we never get angry about it. I don't think we've ever gotten angry about anything.

I have other friends, especially online friends. Amy, in Arizona, in particular, has become a good and dear friend.

But, Chris is the friend I will especially treasure. If you have only one true friend in your life, you are blessed beyond measure. And, she is that one true friend.


Friends and Friendships

By Amy (

i've planted so many seeds
along life's paths and gardens
i sow them well; water and feed
and my rose i love to tend

if you sow a seed of friendship
and tend it oh so well
if you a cup of wine do sip
a good friend's thrist you'll quell

mix a cup of kindness, with a cup of cheer
let your friends around you know that they are dear
let them know you cherish, all the things they are
let them know you love them, even from afar


Friends and Friendships

By Doris (

Thanks to AOL and AARP, online friendships have sprung up in every state, and European countries, too. A few years ago a lovely Irish woman and I became friends. We shared an Irish sense of humor, and interest in the written word, drawing us closer - and our friendship blossomed.

Sharon Lea was a special lady. I once told her she must have nursed on Rogets Thesaurus, and her tinkling laughter lit up the phone line from Illinois to New York. She admitted to me that reading kept her sane in her growing up years, as there were many family problems. Then she laughed and said, she was grateful for all of it, as it made her the person she was. Thoughtful, kind, generous - and brilliant in the realm of poetry and story writing. Loving every single written word in the dictionary.

When Sharon became ill - so very ill - the phone calls and emails grew shorter and shorter. She had terrible breathing problems and coughed so much that she had to stop typing. Finally, one night Sharon was no more. Her laughter stopped, her poetry and stories stilled in her mind and heart. A year ago, right before St. Patrick's Day. In the short time we were friends, she made an impression on me that will stay forever. She lives on in her written word and in the friendships she made - and in my heart. I can still hear her laughter ringing through the phone wires. Telling me, "look in your Thesaurus, girl, there's a feast to be had in there!" Rest in the peace you so richly deserve, my friend. I miss you.



By susi (

The snow was falling thickly on the other side of the glass. She stood there, looking out thru the pane, fingers tracing the frost design that decorated the window. Her thoughts were on the events of the past year and she wondered how she got thru some of the bad days. As the snowflakes landed and melted, she went back in time to the last week she got to spend with her friend. They had known each other since she had moved to the other city to try to begin a new life, and had formed an instant rapport which led into a life-long friendship. Gloria was a one of a kind friend, there when I needed to talk about a problem, not always offering a solution, but rather, being the sounding board that I used to bounce ideas off on solving that problem. Sometimes she did give me advice on how to handle it, but I think she thought it better that I handle it myself with just a bit of direction. We would go shopping together, take some trips away from everything to just enjoy ourselves in another place. We never argued or quarreled about anything, she, being the most level headed person I knew, thought that it was a waste of time. But, we did have some pretty intense discussions about politics, religion, clothes, hairdos, and other things that never really mattered. We both liked our own tastes in different things. She was one who always had to have a different hairdo while mine was always just plain, something that could be worn without a bunch of spray and mousse. She would try to do things with my hair that would just crack me up after she got finished. And I would wash out all her work and go back to my simple 'do'. It would take me a half hour to get ready to go somewhere for the evening, her, an hour and a half to get her hair and makeup just right and get dressed in the fourth or fifth outfit she had tried on. We did always agree on the place or places we were going to go. And the times we double dated or just went out on our own were always such a lot of fun. We used to go to the Spot Club in Fort Worth or the Tropicano and would dance and laugh the evening away. I might get a little rowdy at times, but she was never critical of me. I have missed all those good times over the years, but that is just a part of growing up. The times are there, then they are gone, and we move on, much as I have had to do these past few months, but ohhhhh, the memories, they are always here.

I thought about all these things as I stood there, looking at the falling snow. A car accident had taken her life just a week before. And, just a week before that we had spent some great time together, laughing and talking about the past forty-five years. She told me she had found the love of her life, but she had told me that a number of times, so I doubted that, but I never interferred with her life, nor she in mine. We were just best friends who loved each other as friends do, but never trying to run each other's lives. That week with her will always remain with me. The night before I left, we were doing dishes together and she was being very introspective, telling me that she wished she had done this, or that, and that she wished some things had ended differently. I wonder now if she had some premonition that she wasn't going to be around, but at the time I just chalked it up to the fact that I was leaving the next morning, and she would not have the happy moments we had enjoyed for the past few days. Before I left, we hugged and she held on longer than usual. I wonder if she knew.

I'm really going to miss her. The snow will come back each year as will the Spring flowers, Summer's hot weather, Fall's beautiful colors, and the sadness. She is gone and won't be here to enjoy them as she did for her sixty-two years. Yes, i'm really going to miss her. I am a better person for having known her.



By Sharon (

Guess I am not all that friendly
Not many people come my way
Have one friend that I dearly love
He is with me most every day

We met when I was eighteen years
Married three months later you see
We squabble we love and we talk
He's the best friend that he can be

I wouldn't trade him for other
For each other we seem just right
No matter what the problem is
He's here both day and on each night

Online friends I have several
Some I wish lived close to me
Nobody can replace friendship
That my husband offers to me

I feel lucky for this friendship
He's always for me been right here
This man of which I'm married
Is a friend who's love is so dear


Stand By Your Friend

By Norma (

It’s a good and loving thing
To stand by your man,
Tho a nobler and better deed,
By your friend to stand.

A friend lets you sob,
Over any old thing,
Then another time,
New joy will she bring.

A real friend forgets to judge,
Doesn’t try to change you,
And in giving this special gift,
You’ll come to be your real you.

Catch your friend’s pieces,
When she falls off her wall,
She’ll sparkle like a diamond,
Beautiful as fall.

Twining your hopes,
Through fair and foul weather
Tho sometimes apart,
In spirit together.

A friend makes rich memories,
To call up for strength.
Stand by your friend,
Years go in a blink.


"The Best"

By Mary Carter Mizrany (

Lil' yellow bud, surrounded by glistening
snow ~ how cold it must be . . .
not at all like the wonderful friendship
between my best friend and me ~

God~joined are we, sweet friend,
as though he touched your heart & mine . . .
bathing them with forever love
that sort that is Divine ~

Yellow, the color of sunshine,
within my life you bring . . .
when my own heart is heavy
'tis you reminds me to sing ~

Warm and inviting are you, dear friend,
your home ~ your heart~ your way . . .
as comfortable as a favorite chair
that whispers softly, stay ~

From all my friends, dear one,
you're the sweet angel God chose . . .
to unfold mysteries of Himself to me
reveal how His love grows ~

Generous ~ tenderly giving, are you,
the dearest ~ closest ~ bless't . . .
I feel so honoured ~ humbled
God's grace gave me THE BEST!

Mary Carter Mizrany©
February 6, 2007

Dedicated to my dearest forever friend, Pat.

May God keep you near his heart, sweet angelsister & friend,

I love you,


"Friends and Friendships"

By Swampetta (

Do you want to make a bet?
You may have a best friend you've never met.
Some friends we've had for many years
And shared with them both laughs and tears.

Stood in the church when they got married,
Maybe caught the bouquet that they carried.
Watched as your babies grew so fast.
Sometimes you laughed at things in the past.

Whether you saw them last year or today,
Always had so much to say.
"We can catch up later,,,call me soon!"
Anytime you want, midnight or noon.

Now you have a computer, as do your friends
Seems the Email never ends!
I have some friends in the "Blue Nowhere"
Never met them, but I know they are there.


Friends and Friendships from the Early Years On

By Evelyn (

The Eskimos have numerous words to describe snow. Likewise, we have different adjectives to describe “friend.” Friends are special people whom we might call a childhood friend, if we are yet so fortunate. We have close friends, best friends, beloved friends or trusted friends. The word “friend” has a beautiful ring to it. Spanning the years and geographic separation, my friendships have great and tender meaning.

Mutual caring is an essential condition for friendship. Friends care about each other. I know that persons are my friends if I am moved by what happens to them. I can feel joy in their achievements and sadness, letdown at their lack thereof. I don’t think any less of them as persons themselves if they fail in their life’s challenges. Friends care for each other, promote each other’s good without ulterior motives. Were I to win the lottery and find myself suddenly overrun with “friends” I would suspect ulterior motives on their part!

In my early years my first friendships were the special bonding with my first cousins when they came to visit. One such special friend was Cousin Anna who was eight months my senior. You might say that our mothers “teamed” us up! Here we are, Evelyn and Anna . Anna and I still have a special bond. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my sister Edna who continues to this day as my “best and trusted” friend. Edna always made friends more easily than I, all of whom we shared. We tended to “hang out” with the same crowd through our grade and high school years. Thirteen months apart, Mama sewed all of our clothes and dressed alike. We are almost twins!

Evelyn and Anna, First Cousins, Best Friends

Evelyn and Edna Mae, Sisters, Trusted Friends

Disraeli said: "There is magic in the memory of schoolboy [girl] friendships; it softens the heart, and even affects the nervous system of those who have no heart." There is truth in those words! In the old six-room wooden parochial wooden school house our class was a close knit group. The nuns had tight reign on us and we learned to show each other respect. Rosie Laux and I were always partners when we lined up. Maybe we were paired up because we were the same height or that our last names both began with the letter “L.” Notably, we were also the only two red heads in the class! We were fast friends throughout our grade school years. Many years have passed and though miles separate us we have remained friends. When I see Rosie the years melt away and there is magic and love in our friendship.

During my high school years, and before I left home as a bride, I made special friends with “senior citizens” in the neighborhood. I also gave a hand to young mothers who needed a hand with caring for their children. I believe this had a lot to do with my mother’s influence. She was a very caring person.

My high bench mark time came when, as a brand new shiny adult working at my first secretarial job, I became involved with the young adult group at my church. We were a group of single young men and women in the late 1940s and early 1950s . We bonded, had fun and loved one another and created great friendships that have lasted through the years. Couples were formed in that group. That is where I met my husband who to this day remains my best and lifelong friend! Soon the Korean Conflict came and the words of the song, “Wedding Bells Are Breaking up That Old Gang of Mine” became a reality.

As a service man’s wife I developed lasting friendships with the other wives when our husbands went to sea. After mustering out and settling down to raise our family in Ohio, friendships and acquaintances through Tom’s work, community and church work were numerous. But a few stand out. Sadly, most of the few who stand out over the years I must visit in the cemetery. They leave me with memories to cherish. Mary Jack who, at the drop of a hat, would be at my side at the birth of my babies. She taught me how to take joy in the little things. Becky, Minnie, Mary and Julia, I still keep your phone numbers in my Rolodex even though I know you are in heaven. I shared many things with my beloved neighbor Margaret who left me a legacy of her seven loving children whom I call my friends. The list goes on.

It is often said, “To have a friend, you must be a friend?” With all my heart I believe that this is true. As the years go by I find that it is very important that I be a friend to myself. I do this by setting priorities and having quality time for myself. Sometimes that is easier said than done. It is okay to say, “I am enough, I am good enough!” because “I am a precious fallible child of God!” I am no longer a “Yes” person. Saying “Yes” is easy because it is pleasing to others. But there are times when I am my best friend when I can say, “No.” A good motto is to never do for others what they can do for themselves. That’s not befriending. That is enabling. Sometimes there’s a fine line between the two.

"A friend is one to whom one may pour out all the contents of one's heart, chaff and grain together, knowing that the gentlest of hands will take and sift it, keep what is worth keeping and with a breath of kindness blow the rest away."

- Arabian Proverb

"The most I can do for my friend is simply to be his friend. I have no wealth to bestow on him. If he knows that I am happy in loving him, he will want no other reward. Is not friendship divine in this?"

- Henry David Thoreau

"Every man should have a fair-sized cemetery in which to bury the faults of his friends."

- Henry Brooks Adams

Finally, and in many ways, in its simplicity, the last quotation is the most beautiful of all. We are all Earth Angels earning our wings together! And at the end of each and every day, take a deep breath, throw out your arms in joy and gratitude, look to the heavens and remember to give yourself a big hug!

"We are all angels with only one wing. We can fly only embracing each other!”
-Author Unknown






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