The Leprechauns are having
Their annual convention.
They'll drink and sing and frolic,
Sort of an Irish intervention.

They'll dance jigs and reels
And sing "Wild Colonial Boy"
Their lady friends the Banshees
Will help to spread the joy.

Leprechauns are well known
For carousing with alcohol.
Look for fellows dressed in green,
Who aren't very tall.

Banshees, on the other hand,
Will help serve them the beer
While looking for the pots 'O gold,
That Leprechauns keep near.

The Leprechauns are loaded
Drunker than hoot owls.
But the Banshee's singing
Sounds like a sick wolf's howls.

Some Leprechauns get maudlin
And wish that they were bigger.
But the Banshees get the prize
For the ultimate Gold Digger!


By Swampetta (

Original graphic by SWAMPETTA




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