At five Mama said don't cross the road
There's a truck carrying a big load
Now that I'm at teenager brink
Should I wear make up or not I think

That cute boy asked me for a date
Should I allow him to kiss or wait
Oh gosh he is asking more from me
No I will wait for marriage you see

All grown up and he asked me to wed
Which do I accept Bob George or Fred
When do we start our small family
A baby oh wow so cute is he

Do I keep tabs on that child all day
Or allow him freedom in his play
Don't cross the road my sweet baby son
Walk to growing up please don't you run

You've made me a grandma I'm so glad
So loved by me yes and by Granddad
Grandchild don't you cross that busy road
Watch out for the truck carrying load

Look my sweet grandchild is college bound
At graduation I hope I'll be around
Mama you're dying you feel so cold
Please don't cross over so soon that road

Now she's gone and my turn's a coming
All of lifes crossroads are summoning
I hope with dignity crossing road
When God lifts all lifetime's heavy load

By Sharon (









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