Friends I have made and tended with loving care
I cry when they hurt I laugh when things are good for them.
I share my good tales with them and give my time when they need me.
So when their pain is mixed with mine we each have only half as much.

I think of them as always friends, as if before I knew we were friends,
And will be when we cross over to the other side.
My first friend was mine before I could talk. Our moms were friends back then.
Time has flown and I don't see her for years but seldom a day goes by
When I don't think of her and the games we played and the tears we shed.

How she taught me, as she was oldest of six and I was and am an only child.
God sends angels in funny shapes and often without wings.
Friends of color and some we never see. We just chat online with them.
God has a funny sense of humor, so I think.

By Barbara (



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