I love to watch the seagulls soaring
And listen to the ocean roaring
But them dang seagulls poop in the hair
Oh yes they do that so be aware

I love to feed the cute cactus wren
and mother quail her babies defend
But them dang pigeons make such a mess
I despise those guys I do confess

Pretty ducks floating in the blue lake
Seem to be at peace for goodness sake
But them dang ducks turn blue water green
and ugly algae frosts water scene

Freddy Falcon sits high on the wire
Catching live food that he might desire
But them dang buzzards wait for the dead
Wanting not life but roadkill instead

Eat like a bird doctor suggesting
But have you watched ravens digesting
Snakes and lizards are eaten for food
My appetite lost not in the mood

I love to watch pretty birds flying
To say not, I would be lying
They make good fodder for poet's words
But yes sometimes I say them dang birds

By Sharon (Sunyskys1943@aol.com)









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