I now do take my pen in hand
As the call goes out through the land
For our loved ones to answer the call
To go to protect the rights of us all

How many times has this call gone out
And hear us all give a tremendous shout
Lay down your lives for us at home
We will honor you while you are gone

But if and when you get back to us
Donít raise your voice and cause a fuss
We have better things to listen to
What has happened to each one of you

It was really your duty and your choice
Now you want to raise such a loud voice
About the pain and suffering you have today
Why donít you just hush and go away

Weíll not listen do not want to hear
Of the suffering and the fear
That you and yours must feel each day
Of the pain and sickness or of the way

So what if you lost an eye, arm or leg
Even if you have to borrow or beg
For things promised to you long ago
You did your part but don't whine so

Children are deformed because of germs
You had contact with is not our concern
Even though it was in that foreign land
That we sent you to that desert sand

Why should we be forced so far into debt
For an obscure sickness not known as yet
It was tried when you went to the Far East
You brought back the orange, it took at least

Twenty years or more to prove the case
Of the germ that killed, for blame to be placed
We have our stooges in the great halls
Who will give our answers to questions all

They know which side who butters their bread
They know what, who and where to dread
They will fight you to the very last drop
Of their sweat and blood and will not stop

We have resources from which to draw
A bottomless well funded by that old known law
Of you scratch mine and Iíll scratch yours
Thereís none here who will open the doors

You will have to fight this fight alone
When the fighting is over thereís no one home
In the peace time we do not want to face
The results of war and this be the case

The price that should and must be paid
To send our children when they are bade
For them to go to a far away land
To give their lives on that distant sand

Who will not come to answer the call
Who will protect the rights of us all
Let the ones whose orders we obey
Who make policy and send us away

Let them go to that faraway land
Let them fight on that foreign sand
You can bet if they come back home
A plan in place they will not be alone

Then there would be the best of care
Help and money from everywhere
So who cares if we must fight alone
I say, I do, I care and welcome home


© By Becky (LHolc55865@aol.com)








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