Where did they come from, I wondered,
Those petunias in that dish?
Clearly, somebody had blundered –
That bowl once contained my goldfish.

Was the word, “abracadabra”
Or magic spell behind this change?
I don’t know where my goldfish are –
This whole matter seems mighty strange.

The colors are a perfect match
For the fish that I used to own.
Then, outside in my garden patch,
I found that more fish had been grown.

Daisies flourished in my pond,
Water lilies grew on dry ground,
All the work of a magic wand?
Even catfish walking around?

Visit my garden anytime,
And you might be surprised to see
Angel fish up my trellis climb –
It’s all a mystery to me.

By RickMack (rmrickmack@aol.com)







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