the chilling winds of winter blow
howling around the corners
no place to escape their icy fingers
the cat walks with head down, searching
for a place to hunker down, out of the freezing blast.

belly warm from some milk a sympathetic
lady put outside her door, he finds a pine tree
with the branches laying on the ground. walking
around, there is a small opening where he goes
in under the tree only to find that he will have
company. two other cats have found this place
and are not sure they want to share it with him,
but being all family under the skin, and all in the
same cold place, they let him come in.

There is no wind there, only
the bitter cold, but he snuggles up against the trunk
on a pile of needles, buries his head beneath his
chest and finally sleeps. His growling belly will tell
him when to wake up and he will face the winter
world again in his search for food, but now, he has
a place to come back to for his rest. He will remember
this place of relative warmth and security. He will
survive the winter along with his two new found friends.

Spring will come and they will have come thru the winter
but will go their separate ways. survival is for the fittest,
and they proved that they are just that, survivors.

By susi (







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