Ahhh, Yellow,
The color of sun
When the day's begun,
Striped with orange at sunset,
Purple, too, don't forget.

Always been the favorite of mine,
In my house, a yellow kitchen you'll find.
When skies outside are dismal and dark,
Sunshine seems to creep in that part.

Yellow and blue flowers on the bathroom wall,
Yellow fluffy rug can be seen from the hall.
Mother's yellow ladderback chair,
Her painted yellow daisies hang above it there.

Yellow dances cross the backyard lawn,
Just before twilight, or morning's dawn.
Sometimes even the moon is yellow,
Then you know he's a happy fella.

Painters use a yellow touch,
To bring other colors out very much.
Even when you don't know it's there,
It's a brightner of everywhere.

By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)

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