ďItís just a cat,Ē people say.
But I see you in a different way.
When the night is full of snow and sleet,
There you are...warming my feet.

Nothing like a cat to start your day.
Your last pair of pantyhose? Time to play!
Put on another set of clothes.
Pretty slacks, forget the hose.

Now I notice that youíre shedding.
Here is something that Iím dreading!
To the car, Iím in a big rush,
Driving and wielding my lint brush.

But I remember how you purred at me.
Squinting eyes, your smile to see.
You climb up, weíre nose to nose.
Iíll forgive you for the pantyhose.

© By Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)










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