Being raised a Catholic during the second World War was not easy. Back then the food was blessed in church for certain holidays, like Easter. The food was placed in a picnic style basket and carried to church the night before, to be blessed by the priest. Before the house could be blessed everything had to be cleaned. A date was marked in chalk above the doors so folks would know the blessing was on this home. Also we kept palm to make crosses, little ones. Grandma would pray when the storms came. As she prayed, she would stoke the kitchen stove and burn a palm cross. Perhaps it worked. We never got hit by lightning.

Grandma was a true believer in the old ways, and yet she was a very modern woman too. She worked and corresponded with people all over the world. She was smart and had she been in the next generation, she would have been CEO of some big company. She had beautiful flowers in the yard, a canary in a cage. She finally got that bird to sing. She raised one son and helped him to raise his daughter, that being me. That makes her the foundation that helped me raise my 4 sons and two daughters.

I still fix ham on Easter, with vegetables and salad. We do have ice cream for break with tradition for my grandchildren. We will color some eggs and pickle some eggs, and make some deviled eggs, too. Wow, lots of eggs huh?

Mostly we give thanks that we can be together once more and bless the food ourselves. We take lots of pictures, as we have lost a few loved ones already and it is important the young ones know about the past that got them to where they are.


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