Bunny's family had decided to relocate to an area with more foliage to sustain them. Mama and Papa Bunny had told the children to be ready the next morning to travel. But Bunny was an independent little fellow and didn't always listen. Before it was even light out, he decided to have on last fling in his beloved home field before having to move away. Mama and Papa were still sleeping, as were his brother and sister. So Bunny snuck out of their warm hiding spot and went hopping around saying goodbye to his favorite haunts. He got so involved with investigating things, he didn't see Joe Setter, the hunters dog sneaking up on him. By the time he realized the danger, his way back to his family was blocked. He ran as fast as he could in the opposite direction and squeezed into a drainage pipe. Joe Setter barked, sniffed at the entrance, and chewed on the pipe. But he could not get to Bunny. Bunny crouched and kept as still as he could. He was very frightened. That dog stayed around for hours, but finally tired of the game and went away. Bunny headed back to his family. But it was too late. They were gone. He was one very sad little rabbit. But his parents had taught him how to forage for food and survive, so he was able to stay alive. But it was a very lonely life. There were no other rabbits to make friends with. He had to make do with befriending birds and other wild life. They too had to be watchful for the dog, hawks in the sky, and other predators.

As everyone knows, rabbits mature fast. Bunny could not find a girl rabbit to be his mate. He was doomed to a very lonely bachelor bunny life. Spring was coming. His friends the birds found other birds for romance. They gathered twigs and string to make nests. Then they too seemed to disappear. In reality, they were nesting on their eggs, keeping them warm until their babies hatched.

One day, Joe Setter found a quail nest with Mama Quail keeping her eggs warm. Joe Setter started after her. To protect her eggs and future babies, she pretended to be hurt and hobbled as if in pain, far away from the nest. Sadly, she never returned. Joe Setter had done the job that free roaming dogs often do. Bunny realized that the eggs needed to be kept warm. Silly as it seemed, he took over the job of a Mother Quail.

Two children were hiking in the field, when they came upon Bunny sitting on the nest, keeping the eggs warm. He was frightened, but he took his new mothering job seriously and remained with the eggs. The children starting giggling. They had never seen a rabbit sitting on a nest, warming eggs. They went home and told their parents. Of course the parents thought it was a made up story. So the children took a box and went back to the nest sitting rabbit and picked up the nest, eggs and Bunny all together and put them in the box. They then carried the box home and placed it in their garage. Then they called their parents into the garage to see.

The parents were amazed. The children brought fresh food and water daily to the nest sitting rabbit. Neighbors started dropping in to see the sight. The local newspaper took pictures and put it with a title on the front page of the news. "EASTER BUNNY SITS ON NEST OF EGGS".

Whenever you think that you are too old to believe in the Easter Bunny, then think of that little bunny warming a nest of quail eggs in the garage of the house where two inquisitive children resided.







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