He was a flexible fellow,
The famed Indian rubber man,
With bones as supple as Jello,
His body jiggled as he ran.

Without joints, he swayed side to side,
Even when he was standing still.
He was Barnum and Bailey’s pride,
Bringing cash to the sideshow till.

People gathered around to gawk,
At this man with limbs hanging loose.
They chuckled while watching him walk,
Knees and ankle joints of no use.

He had all he could do to sit,
Without sliding right off a chair;
And into a drawer he could fit,
Sometimes even napping in there.

All his appendages could stretch -
Neck, arms, legs and every part.
If he wanted a drink, he’d fetch
It, as arm to the sink would dart.

He was married, strange as it seems,
To a gal exceedingly shy,
Who found him the man of her dreams;
But too bashful to say just why.

The honeymoon went very well,
For bride and considerate groom.
He rang this timid woman’s bell,
Consummating from the next room.

© By RickMack (rmrickmack@aol.com)





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