Often when reading a poet's writings
I try and delve into the mind of
the one pushing the pen
what were they thinking
what was on their mind
reading what I perceive to be
hidden meanings behind that pen,
words which might not
have any meaning to some
but I see sometimes words of pain and
anguish as they gush forth
then.... I visualize them sitting next
to a window looking at the
stars and moon above
these thoughts grip my heart like a vice
which gets tighter and tighter
and the more I read,
despair overwhelms my troubling mind
seeing this sadness flowing from their pen
I must stop !! ......
for now it's so etched in my mind
I begin to cry
then, and only then
am I able to see and feel
what I think is in the mind of a poet

By Connie (CSThomas@aol.com)
The window graphic was made by Connie.







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