Retired, but still working, I find
that going away from winter
is foremost in my mind
leaving all this ice and snow behind
Ah, the temperature is so unkind
And the sun on the snow leaves one snowblind
I'd like to lay on the beach and just unwind
One of these days

How nice it would be to pack up and go
and leave this land of winter
this place of ice and snow
to be in a place where life moves slow
where daylight is always such a yellow glow
and warmth comes from the sky, not the furnace below
to be in a place where the sea breezes blow
One of these days

Somehow, someday, I know it will be
my turn to say goodbye to winter
to concentrate on me
and live in a cottage by the sea
to let the sun wash over me
while I watch the seagulls soar so free
just live the life of fun and glee
One of these days
One of these days
One of these days

By susi (







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