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By Marilyn (

Birthdays come once a year and I've chalked up quite a few of them. LOL I haven't had too many birthday parties, but my family and friends have always remembered my special day with cards and phone calls. You see, I was born on my father's birthday, and my son was born on my birthday. My family always knew when October 7th arrived.

I have a newspaper clipping that is brown with age. It's a couple of paragraphs about a party I had on my seventh birthday. The person who wrote it referred to my friends as 'Little Miss Becky' and 'Little Miss Priscilla', etc. It's a sweet little piece of writing and I've kept it all these years.

My daughter had a party once. She was a second grader at the time. She told her friends at school that she was having a birthday party on Saturday and when Saturday arrived, there they were! You can imagine my surprise when a group of second graders showed up at our door with presents. Fortunately we lived near a store that sold cake and ice cream. We still laugh about it.

I think birthday parties are the best kind of parties. Do you have some birthday memories you're willing to share? Did you have parties? Fiction or fact, we look forward to your entry.



By Amy (

a day to grow older
when were young we are bolder
a day to eat cake
or fish at the lake

a day to spend with special frends
from morning until the day ends
laughing and joking, eating ice cream too
opening gifts and cards all askew

you give a big sigh, at the end of the day
your happy but tired you say hooray
one year older, maybe wiser too
blow out the candles, happy birthday to you



By Sharon (

I never grow older
No no not I
Maybe for you the years
hurry on by

But I'm a kid
Oh yes that's me
Forever I'm a child
Just wait and see

I never grow older
No no not I
My children have aged and
Passed me right by

Maybe my body looks
Wrinkled and old
But my mind stayed a kid
That's what I'm told

I never grow older
No no not I
You can have your birthdays
Let age pass me by



By Phyllis Ann (

How many birthdays have you had?
Did they make you happy or sad?

It is a privilege to grow old that not all get to partake of.
It is a gift we should cherish and hold close to our hearts with love.

Spring, summer, fall or winter it matters not.
We should cherish them all and be thankful for our lot.

With each birthday comes a chance to live and learn.
Take this gift, and age do not spurn.


A Birthday in June

By Jeanie (







Birthday Party

By Joy (

Another year has gone on by
They travel very fast
They used to take so long to come
And never seem to last

But now that we are old and gray
They have little time in between
We turn around and another year's gone
One after another, it seems

The time we get past our seventies
Is a gift and we shouldn't complain
'Cause that time is flying by swiftly
Be glad for the "Happy Birthday" refrain


The Birthday Race

By Swampetta (

When you're young with freckles on your face,
It's easy to ignore the birthday race,
"Maybe when you're older" is what you hear.
Means you're too young, that's real clear!
We rush to get to the next birthday
Just to get to that magic day.
When your parents would say you're old enough
To understand "All That Stuff"!
By now that day has come and gone,
And you still don't know what's going on!



By Tom (

Remember back when you looked forward to a birthday? Remember when it was the, well one of the most exciting days of the year? We always had a big laugh in motocross for it was one of the few sports where an older person looked forward to a birthday; the 29 year old who wanted to be 30 so they could move into the Veterans class, the 39 year old who looked forward to 40 to move into the senior class, the 49 year old who dreamed of his 50th so he could be a super senior, the 59 year old looking for 60, and dang I yearned for that 70th birthday so I could ride in the super old man class. Yeah, men would lie and try all sorts of ploys to get into that next age group where supposedly the competition was not as tough.

Oh as a boy I looked forward to my fourteenth so I could get my driver’s license; but alas they moved the age to fifteen. But when I turned fifteen I had been driving all over the state for two or three years.

Then when Korea broke out I wanted to do like the Conner boys and a lot of others, change my birthday, lie and enlist. But alas my mother told me, “You join, I will bring you back!” I did not; but on the day I turned eighteen I was waiting when the Marine Recruiter opened the door.

Yeppers, we all used to look forward to this birthday and that birthday; a lot because when you turned 21 you could legally drink. I, at the age of fifteen would go to the State Liquor store and buy booze; I just walked in, talked to the people and was never challenged. Heck I remember going into bars with a group and they were all 21 and over and I was the only one under but they were carded and I never got carded. Then I turned 21 and dang! All of the fun was gone since I was legal.

Birthdays anymore are just another day, each one means I am getting as old as or older than dirt. But I always smile for as a young boy I remember hearing the old adage, “The older you get the smarter old folks become.”

And dang sure enough it was and is true. Now I figure in another thirty or fifty years I might even become a little smart or wiser?



By Barbara (

I was seven and for some reason I was to have a big party.
Things were strange at that time in my life.
My mom's dad had just died and my folks had separated.

I didn't understand all of it, or perhaps any of it.
All the kids in my class were invited to our house.
For the party, I wasn't very happy, so much going on.

I got nice presents and a big cake. No one seemed to be happy though.
I pouted as I was apt to do.
That night I cried myself to sleep.

Somehow it seemed to be more of a funeral than a party.
Now as I look back I think my instincts were right.
My life was never the same after that year.



By Lilly (

My birthday is in October. Not many parties.
Maybe a good thing not to grow old fast.
Many said Happy Birthday and got some gifts.
I always had a birthday cake and that was good.
I knew they were busy thinking of Halloween.
I know, getting lots of candy and wearing costumes.
I thought the same thing myself, so I was happy.
Nice my birthday was in the same month. I liked that.
When I had my children, things changed.
I set up parties for them and joined in the fun.
On my birthday they bought me a card and gift.
Now grandchildren, with parents, they come to see me.
Surprise gifts, wonderful days, have a piece of my cake.
Never a dull moment, I consider myself lucky and blessed.
There is so much love and happiness within my family.
The best birthday parties I am having..


Look At-Choo Now

By Connie (

On April twenty-five, a seed was
planted in a Mommy of eighteen years
when suddenly a bright and vivacious baby
with curly red hair and vivid blue eyes would immerge
determined to set the world on fire
Little did anyone know the
strength and wisdom that would come
from this one so petite and delicate.

A master of all she touched with the
voice of an angel, along with her golden pen.
Slowly she climbed that ladder of success
No small feat - but determined to reach the top
Most stood in awe of one so bright
while others showed their ugly side
Jealousy fueled those who couldn't compete
with this lil' package of one so gifted

Today, I stand in awe of her ----
where her words are put into motion
to fit the poems and stories she writes
One of such talent and inspiration
has brightened the world with all she writes
I look back now and proudly say
..... ' look at-choo now !! '



By Norma (

Juliette was only 10. Lost in the division of her parents’ affection because of a new baby, one who would fight for its life, she didn’t understand what she thought was indifference. She felt replaced, shunned, sad. Precocious, raucous, Juliette was acting out. She ran away as far as her friend’s, and stayed and stayed. Mother didn’t come. How could she leave a possible blue baby. But Juliette in her childhood just wanted the presence of someone.

On a hot day in August, Juliette’s mother told her after lunch to go down to the basement. In her part of the country, folks copied the Mexican custom of siesta. Nothing had been said about Juliette’s birthday, and she didn’t really expect it. It was the depression, and Mother would find it hard to have the ingredients for a cake, let alone leave her sick little baby. It was cool, cemented there and Juliette tossed and turned until dozing off on that hot afternoon in August.

Out of her slumber she heard an excited voice. Mother’s voice. "Juliette come here; come upstairs right now." Startled, she stumbled on the first stone stair, picked herself up and ran up the rest, her hair a mass of disheveled curls and flowered print sundress twisted around her. "In here, in here," Mother called. Juliette, rubbing sleepy eyes stood in the door of the little living room. "I’ve died," she thought. "I’ve waked up in heaven!" For she was standing in the golden light of candles, in the pink glow of pink crepe paper and balloons. Seated around the table, a pretty wrapped present in front of each were little friends from the neighborhood. Love came down on Juliette’s birthday. The only birthday party she would ever remember, but one that was to live with her always.


Birthdays Are For Celebrating

By Evelyn (

My early birthday celebrations began with my being shoved under the bed! Nestled warmly in my bed on the first day of November, I’d be lifted from the covers and shoved under the bed with a gleeful, “Happy Birthday to you!” Burr, as I scrambled back under the warm quilts, I grinned from ear to ear. The fear of being “shoved under the bed” was outweighed by the fear that they would forget! That was the ceremony. It was dreaded, but anticipated. This strange practice, a touchstone for growing up, was handed down by my German ancestors to my mother, her numerous siblings and cousins, and thence to me and my siblings. When I could no longer be shoved under the bed it meant, I was told, that I was grown up. Obviously, the years passed, and I grew up, but I cannot honestly remember the last time this ceremony was foisted upon me!

Family history will reveal that my offspring experienced the shock of this quaint custom as well. Their memories of being “shoved under the bed” are hilarious when they relate them at family gatherings. Dad’s stock reply is, “We didn’t have much money, but we had a lot of fun!”

Vivian's 4th birthday. Marcia, seated at left, looks
on. Brother John will light the candles. Guests:
Andersons: Lisa and Lori ; Kruszewskis, Keri,
Karen and Kevin, October 3, 1958

One by one our six children blew out that first candle on their birthday cakes. It seems like only yesterday. As if in a heartbeat, one by one they are lighting, or are about to light, fifty candles on their cakes. They have celebrated the lighting of the first birthday candle for each of our twelve beautiful grandchildren, many of whom have reached and passed the important bench mark of twenty-one years! Now our great grandson has blown out his first birthday candle! Yes, birthdays are for celebrating!

Marcia leads the "roast at Vivian's big FIVE OH Birthday party,
October 3, 2004. She's not looking on this time!

On a “birthday night” the family ate in the dining room. The table would be covered with a linen table cloth and set with China and the best silverware placed on linen napkins. The celebrant got to choose the menu. Invariably the menu consisted of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, home-canned peaches, salad and fresh homemade baked dinner rolls. Dessert? Birthday cake and ice cream, of course! Many times the guests of honor would be Grandma and Grandpa McCusker who had driven to Ohio from Baltimore to help celebrate. That was always a special honor!

As each successive birthday came along ground rules had to be established. The one whose birthday was next got to light the candles. The birthday boy or girl got to turn on the carousel switch to play the Happy Birthday tune. The carousel music box that held countless birthday cakes is now in the “birthday hall of fame” in keeping of eldest daughter, Vivian. It was first used at her birthday party on her fourth birthday.

The women in our family established a fun tradition in the early 1980's known simply as “Birthday Club.” Several times a year we meet to celebrate our birthdays at a nice restaurant. The celebrants are honored with gifts and treated to lunch–occasionally brunch or dinner. Its beginnings are shrouded in time–maybe to honor my mother, or my Aunt Norma–both passed on now. But it caught on. A granddaughter has now joined our ranks. She wasn’t even born when “Birthday Club” began! Sister Edna made “Birthday Club” hats which are now encrusted with pins that we exchange with each other as remembrances from trips and such from Paris, Rome, Canada, Las Vegas, etc., etc.! When we enter a restaurant with our hats the waiters know they have a fun party on hand. When we open our gifts they like to see what we got! By the way, we tip well!

Birthday Club!
Seated, Edna, Evelyn, Opal; Standing: Vivian, Donna,
Karen, Nancy, Mary Ann and Beanie

Sadly, Mama could no longer join us when her confusion became too great. For the last five years of her life I would buy a sandwich and join her at Pleasantries Healthcare Center at lunchtime on my birthday for a celebration of our lives. I would chit chat with her about how she used to call me and tell me about the day I was born. After all, I was her first born and to hear her tell it my birth was no picnic in the park! But the years had taken their toll and Mama no longer remembered that I was her little Evelina, the little red-haired, blue-eyed girl born to her one cold day in a long ago November. On the last such occasion it was my sixty-fifth birthday. She was ninety. She passed away six weeks later on December 16, 1995. I’m glad I had someone snap our picture.

Evelyn celebrates her 65th birthday
with Cecilia, her Mama

I was born on the first day of November. In the long years of my life it is a day for me, in my heart, that has been a day for celebration! I love my birthday and I announce it to the whole wide world, to friend and stranger alike so that they can share my brief moment of happiness.

Evelyn celebrates 75 years on earth!

I love the sound of “Happy Birthday!” “Feliz Cumpleaños”, “alles Gute zum Geburtstag!” “Joyeux anniversaire!” In any language birthday happiness begins in the heart of each individual. Of that I am firmly convinced. If my birthday can’t be Christmas, Easter and the Fourth of July rolled into one, shame on me!




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