A unwanted child lies
in a womb waiting for birth
in a mother who's in labor
........somewhere on this earth

Finally, the baby cries as it
enters a world unknown
waiting for a Mother's love
but a love that'll never be shown

Mother gives one look and says
no, not me.... this baby's not mine
I don't want this child, then
leaves her cryin' infant behind

The Mother's heart never changed
for she only loves the others
leaving behind a broken one
saying, 'she's never to call me Mother.'

Years pass, thoughts roam through the mind
of this unwanted one
how could she not love me
I want her to see all the things I've done

You would be so proud of me
for I've faired better than the rest
Why can't you love me, Mom
Of all your children..... I've done the best

Sadly the child sees her misfortune
accepts her fate of an unwanted image
since she was torn from the rest, she was
never mentioned in the family lineage

By Connie (CSThomas@aol.com)

Connie also made the featured image.





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