By Swampetta (

There are two things that I think of with the word 'Devious' attached...used cars and real estate. In order to be successful at either one, being devious is necessary. Ask the car dealer if the 18,000 miles on the odometer is the original mileage on the '89 Chevy.... Here's where devious comes in.

"Well, I just happen to know the previous owner and it was a little old lady who never left her house except to go to the grocery store and church." That could be the truth...almost.

The devious part comes in when he didn't tell you that he never met the previous owner but did see a little old lady driving the same model car at one point.

The car was a trade-in and the person who traded it did go to the grocery store and to church. The store was in Alabama and the church was in Sacramento. You never notice that he didn't answer the question about original mileage.


Realtors will describe a home in a certain area as having "Potential". That can cover a whole circus of things!
Potentially, it would make a great crack house.
Or a crash pad for mentally impaired homeless people.
Or a potential parking space.

"2 1/2 bathrooms." are picturing a half bath as a small room with a toilet and possibly a small sink. Maybe room for a towel bar and a mirror. The first floor does have a commode in a closet,,,not a toilet but a commode chair with a bucket under it. The closet is near the kitchen sink. There is a shower in there too. But only if it's raining.

The second floor has a real toilet and a real sink and what appears to be a bathtub....None of them are hooked up to the water supply, but potentially...they could be.

The 1/2 bath is in the attic. It's a men's only facility. It's that window that's missing a pane. The rain gutter is right under the window and that's what makes it work...if it's raining.

The only potential this place has is as a 'tear down'.
But....that's where the devious comes in. outright lies..



By Norma (

Martine is classy,
But is oddly curious.
Her passion is gleaning information,
Just to have, not for disemmination.
Sometimes at the table a name comes up,
Martine "I have information that...."
All of us know she means no harm,
Tho her questions delving makes us furious.
Suppose she wants to feel important,
She's teased about it and smiles
"I need to stop that, I know,
But I never say anything spurious."
Next time you see her she's at the edge of some talkers,
Radar ears, just like a stalker.
If she's hurt anyone by her curious ways,
No one pays much attention.
Cause if we don't look over our "old folks" quirks,
We'll be alone by that old television.



By Sharon (

Devious is the candidate
With promises he shouldn't make
He promises this and he and promises that
When tossing in his running hat
Each one a devious sneaky snake



By Tom (

Mrs. Malcolm was what I always thought of as devious in that she would ask a simple question of you or someone and then shake her head and maybe ask a couple more simple unobtrusive questions. Later you would hear or find out what she had done. Everyone feared that little old lady with her laced-up high-heel shoes, and her big hat with the dried flowers on it. Matter-of-fact she was feared by many for if you watch Masterpiece Theater on PBS, Miss Marple is that way.

Mrs. Malcolm did not drive, she rode the train and felt that the Greyhound bus was for those other people, the trash. Mary Underwood Malcolm was from a line of rich and famous who had a summer home over in the grove. After the big bust of 29 and a bunch of alcoholics, their fortune vanished. The grand manor burned in the late 30s. Her husband built a small two-room shed fifty yards away and they lived in it until a smaller home was built to replace the manor. So the old lady with her shopping bag and black patent leather purse would walk to the store, stopping and visiting both ways.

As a young boy and then into my early teens I thought of her as an old drunk and busy body. It was only after quoting a line of poetry to her when I collected for the paper and she finished my line and continued, that I realized this old lady was not an old scatter-brained, drunk idjut. I came back with a line we had to memorize in literature class and she responded. We began to talk of school and of writers and such.

Since I had a good memory, I would memorize my school work as I delivered papers, and of course living in the sticks and being a hick, I loved to discuss or quote my memorizations to any.

Well soon Mrs. Malcolm and I were friends. She would give me a cookie or make me a sandwich and we would talk about what book I read that day, and this and that. And then I learned she was just smart, and her being devious was only collecting all the data around and collating it in her head and finding many answers.

Are most people devious? Are not most people with normal intelligence or above normal intelligence all in a way devious? They collect, collate and analyze data and use it in their own way.

Funny, when I saw the word, D E V I O U S of course I opened the Webster Collegiate in front of me. I read the definition. Heck, maybe one day I will learn something and not be an old fuddy duddy idjut. So I share what I wrote down with you for your own edification.

Out of the way, remote
Deviating from a straight line: roundabout
Moving without a fixed course: errant
Deviating from a right, accepted, or common course: erring
Not straightforward
Tricky, syn- see crooked ant-straightforward



By Phyllis Ann (

Devious Dan was a traveling man,
And he was noted for his one-night stand.

Like a sailor, he had a girl in every port,
And he being devious, considered this a sport.

One day he met his match in a girl named Bess,
And she turned his life upside down and made it a mess.

Even more devious than Dan could dream to be,
She taught him a lesson that made her dance with glee.

If you think you're the best at any game in life,
You will find that there is always someone better to cause you strife.








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