A water garden
Blue and purple Dutch iris
Pretty enhancement

Large tetra swimming
The water so crystal clear
Lily pads so green

Tis a warm spring day
Water lilies bloom
Sights so lovely

Water shimmering
Algae floating near the edge
Opah do add colors

Lily pad so large
But I hear not a bull frog

Garden of thought
My own little place
Me and nature

No fancy border
Not pretty or ornate
Some flowers and weeds

My weed patch
Just some ground on the hill
There roses I grow

Lots of coarse grass
Where there is water it grows
My own garden

Small garden on hill
Roses and weeds do abound
No daffodils

Lots of grass so green
There taking sustenance
Old wood for edges

Just the sky and I
Black drip lines do abound
Visitors none

My little plot
On the bank in the lot
Its beauty I like

A garden of weeds
Care and fertilizer
Nature provides

Plenty greenery
Dandelions abound
Forget water

Pulling weeds, oh no
They are the flowers
Also crab grass

Garden does blend in
Conducive to surroundings
Minimal work

Pest control
No bugs in my garden
All natural

Sets of Haiku By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)




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The featured water garden image was submitted by Connie (CSThomas@aol.com)