Hello June

By Marty (mjford19@aol.com)

June's lazy days of summer
Are busting out all over
The gardens floors laid in green grass
No weeds appear to peep
The magnolias trees smell like heaven
strolling through the park that day
The sunshine morn of early June
Gave way to the bird songs anew
A future bride chose this
special place and time
Her wedding would be on Father's Day
Many of her childhood days
were spent by this babbling stream
What better way to celebrate
Is to wed and honor
My two special men

Hello June

By Sharon (Sunyskys1943@aol.com)

Her old prom dress without a tear
In the closet hanging there
Memories of how it made a hit
She wondered if it still fit

Taking it out of plastic case
Memories of her prom date Chase
Carefully she lay it on the bed
Her housewife clothes she then shed

June was transported back in time
When a teen life was sublime
Before she became wife and Mom
Never a moment of Calm

Carefully she put on the dress
Giving it a soft caress
It looked fine back in Dover
Now June busts out all over

Hello June

By Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)

In exactly 20 days from today, my oldest daughter is getting married. It's her second wedding and she and the groom, (Also his second) are doing most of the un-planning from Florida where they have been living for almost 5 years. They are getting married up here so all the relatives can make it. He's from one town over.

I am making the wedding gown and it is almost completed except for that last fitting.........AAAAAIIIIIEEEEEE! I know that it will need to be taken in because I cut it generously because all the measurements in the world don't mean a thing when it comes to us women. You may be a size 12 in JC Penney,,, But in Wal-Mart you're a 14. Of course in the more expensive stores you'd be a 10. And as for catalogs.....? Anybody's guess.

This is a gown that looks as though Ann Boylen may have worn it. (Before she lost her head.) Long dripping pointed sleeves and scoop neckline and princess style. See I know my daughter has a waistline but I'm not sure where it is. This way it won't matter. It's off-white brocade satin and it's trimmed with plain satin and small embroidered loops of pearls. The veil is sort of a plain tiara with some pearly flowers and rhine stones and I'm making that too. (It's a good thing that I don't have to hem the damn veil or she'd have to put the wedding off until next year!)

My youngest daughter is going to be the Maid of Honor. We had ordered her dress a while back. Yesterday I called to ask if it had been shipped yet... AAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEE! It's on back order and might not come in until August 2nd!

So now...I'm making the Maid of Honor dress too. I'm making two of them because we don't know if she'll like the light turquoise or the pale lavender one. They are both satin with big drippy sleeves made out of sheer material with either turquoise or lavender sequined butterflies on it.

Again....I'm guessing on the sizes. Younger daughter doesn't live in Florida but she can't get up here very often and I can't get to her because I have to be here for the Troll's doctor appointments.

I'm wearing BLACK! I've worn it before at a wedding and this one has a sheer top with bright pink sequinned butterflies.

Ain't it wonderful how the guys get to make one trip to the tuxedo rental place and that's IT?

A June Wedding......want to place your bets on how hard it will rain that day?

Hello June

By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)

Hello June, want to croon,
Maybe ogle the moon?
Smell the flowers,
Sit under the bower?

Hello June
Glad you could come,
Leaving the rain
And other spring weather.

June, oh June,
It is that time
To began again
And do it better this time around.

Hello June, look what I found,
Clothes that have shrunk,
And silly shoes that
My do make my corns hurt.

Ah June linger a while
Cause July will be
Hot by a country mile.

But watermelon and cantaloupes,
Fresh fruits and
Veggies from the garden
We will have.

Strawberry Moon

By Phyllis Ann (Starbird55@msn.com)

The Strawberry Moon steals across the sky with the stars for its brothers.
It is my favorite and takes precedent over the others.

June is a beautiful month of quiet evenings with a scent of flowers.
It speaks of green grass and soft, gentle showers.

Strawberries are among its bounty for us to enjoy.
June is a wonderful month for all the girls and boys.

Families stroll through the park with leisurely bliss.
The land is fertile with the sun's warm caress and kiss.

Sail on Strawberry Moon in your orbit of June.
The blanket of night will enhance your charm as the drums of time sound their distant tune.

Hello June

By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)

June rolled in with a bright sunny day,
Lifting the hearts of people bathed in gray,
For 24 hours there has been no rain,
Tho forecasters say this eve it will come back again.

One mum came out and peeked at the sun,
And magnolias stretched their plate sized arms,
Runners running in 88 degrees,
Though some were stifling a pollen sneeze.

Tho soggy we are it'll soon be that time,
When Texas is seared with long-term sunshine,
So we'll stretch our arms, too, like the dripping green trees,
Brace ourselves, and hope for a cool summer breeze.





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