The strangest things happen at the strangest times,

I'm sure I'm quite sane, but where is my mind?

I'm sitting here crying, and quoting nursery rhymes.

Ten minutes ago, I was combing my hair and fixing my face,

And then they told me, you're going no place.

The strangest thing is, I feel all right,

Why I sleep all day, and walk the floors at night.

My friends tell me I've lost my mind,

So, after they are gone, I'll question that,

As I don't want to be unkind.

The strangest thing is, I remember a face,

I can almost recall a name.

Maybe I knew him before I became insane.

The strangest thing is I'm all alone,

But I can talk to this face, and pretend that I'm home.

I'll comb my hair, and fix my face,

I'll quote nursery rhymes, but I'll not leave this place.

By Betty (







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