Like Clockwork

The day went like clockwork,
And I never missed a beat as I handed my money to the shop clerk.

I strolled down the main street of town taking in the view,
The ocean was pristine reflecting the sun's brilliant hue.

Seaside cottages lined the winding street down to the wharf,
Where the white-capped rolling waves the pier seemed to dwarf.

The smell of fish and salt permeated the air,
Leaving me feeling refreshed and without a care.

Salt water taffy in my bag along with a good book,
I sat on a bench by the dock watching a boat loading their catch of Chinook.

Winding down, the day took on a sunset glow,
As I trudged back to reality, my book in tow.

© By Phyllis Ann (

Like Clockwork

Like clockwork in spring come the storms,
Like clockwork out goes the power,
Daylight savings has come and gone,
Just got through changing the hour.

While we slept the frig went sour,
Surges surge and clocks are flashing,
Run around and set them again,
Just in time for commuters dashing.

Retirees entertained themselves,
Calling the "time" on the phone,
And setting their clocks again and again,
Just lucky to be at home.

Like clockwork they rose and went to work,
Now they can hum and sing,
Now they can go to the big Wal-Mart,
Buy flashlights, faith they'll be here next spring.

© By Norma (

Like Clockwork

"Oh, old Julius comes through here every morning at 10:53 AM. He's just like clockwork!" People have set their watches by Julius. If they see him in front of their house,,,they know what time it is. But like old clocks..Old Julius is running down a bit.

Widow Sharpe saw him going by one morning and said; "Oh NO! I'm so far behind with my baking. I should have had those cakes in the oven an hour ago." She didn't check the clock. It was 8:44 AM. Her whole day got confused because she never looked at the clock and found herself sitting down to watch Judge Judy at the wrong time. She made an appointment with the doc for a check up.

The bus driver pulled up to the stop and didn't see Old Julius there. He waited a while and his other passengers kept calling out, "Ho! Barney? What's the hold up? We got a flat or something?" Finally he pulled away and felt very uncomfortable. Something must be wrong...Julius had been getting on his bus there at 11:01AM for YEARS! Where was he?

Myrt at the Shop 'N Drop waited for Old Julius. He always came in on Thursday at 12 noon, sharp! She was supposed to end her shift at 1:30PM but today...she stayed at her register because she knew it was Thursday and so far...No Julius. Myrt had been sweet on him for about 5 yrs now and looked forward to Thursdays just to practice her flirting. She was 72 yrs old and wasn't about to give up this skill.

Just when Julius was starting to show signs of interest. She had invited him to dessert last week with the tease of a fresh made Rhubarb pie. He looked at her and smiled. "Well thank you Mz. Myrt! Not this week but maybe next week. I'll put it on my schedule first." Myrt was getting itchy about this abrupt change in her plans. It wasn't like Julius to be off schedule. He was like clockwork.

Three days of this had the town in an uproar. He was two hours ahead one day and three hours behind the next. People were starting to check their clocks for the time instead of waiting for Old Julius.

Suddenly they noticed that he was back on his old the second!

Widow Sharpe called out to him.."Julius? What happened to you for the past few weeks? Nobody knew when you would show up and you have always been like a clock. Now you're back to where you should be." Old Julius waved at her and kept walking to the bus stop. "Got new batteries for my watch. Had to order them and it took a while because they are such an old style. Had to send to Japan for them and it sure took them a while. Sorry if you had trouble!"

All was well with the world now. Julius was back on his schedule, like clockwork.

© By Swampetta (

Like Clockwork

“How does a clock work, what makes it go tick tock?” the small boy asked his grand pa. “Grandpa I took that clock all apart and I did not find anything that made it go tick-tock,” he said as he hugged the old man and giggled. His grandpa was bearded. “Oh grandpa your whiskers tickle me.”

The old man reached into his sweater pocket and brought out a small plastic bag, with three or four sticks of peppermint candy. After handing the boy one, he put one in his mouth and canted his head. “Hmm, so you could not find the tocker in that old clock, the thing that makes a watch or clock go tick-tock?”

The boy bit down on his peppermint stick and noticed the old man licked his. “See, you chomp and chew while grand dad savors his, lick and suck so it will last all day.”

The two laughed as they walked from the living area out to the shed, where the old man had his work shop and den with all of his books.

He went to the set of children’s books and thumbed through a couple. “Here it is, here is what I wanted,” he said as he headed for a large dark-brown leather chair. He sat and the little boy climbed up to his lap. The old man opened the book.

“Grandpa, how do you know so much? How is you have books that answer most of my questions whereas mom and dad do not have many books at all?”

“Do you remember what I said about you getting books?” the old man asked.

“Yes, you said when I learned to read you would give me books. But grandpa, I am only five and mom says she doesn’t have time to teach me my letters and numbers. Mom tells me to watch the television.”

The old man’s face turned serious, but he caught himself and smiled.

“Grandpa let's look at the book and you read to me about how a clock works and what makes it go tick-tock.”

Two hours later the two were engrossed in the book when they heard a bell ring.

“Shucks grandpa, Mom is ready to go home. Dang, why can’t she let me stay and study about this clock?” He knew the bell meant grandpa was wanted.

Grandpa arose and went to the box. “Tell your ma I will bring you home about five, we are busy reading about what makes a clock work and why it goes tick tock,” he said.

The next morning the old man went to three special stores and found three old alarm clocks and two watches. At ten past twelve, his daughter drove up and the little boy came running in. “Grandpa, did you find any tockers that might tick?” He laughed at the little silly he had made.

“First you must have your lunch and then we will see what grandpa found, and what we can learn. “The old man went to the fridge and took out some leftover chicken, bread, milk, apples and celery.

The little boy ran to the bathroom and then he washed his hands. Grandma and his mother had gone shopping so he and his grandpa ate lunch and then went to the shed.

At pre-school the next morning the little boy had a box full of stuff. He raised his hand when Miss Auphin asked if anyone had anything for show and tell. Guess whose hand went up first?

That day only one show and tell took place and all of the children learned how a clock worked, and what made it go tick tock.

On his sixth birthday, grandpa tookt the little boy five boxes of children’s books.

© By Tom (



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