Take these pills,
Drink plenty of water,
Take these pills they will
make you feel better . . .

The older I get
The more it I hear,
As pills seem to have
Become a way of life.

Pills to reduce the cholesterol,
Pills to the blood pressure lower,
Pills to cut the urgency to go,
Pills for acid reflux.

Take a blue pill for ED,
Take Rolaids if you eat too much.
Take tonic, iron and such,
For this and or that continually.

An asprin to thin your blood,
And then you bruise and
Bleed like a stuck hog,

Garlic, ginger, this and that,
Need a damn cart to tote them all.
Take with food, take long before you eat,
Take, take . . . take?

And so to most all,
To hell with them,
Let the old systems work.
Eat sensibly and watch my weight.

Tired of taking all of that crap.
Oh yes some are life saving I know,
But me, I feel better taking none.
Eat what I like and live till I die,
Damn these or those pills are killing me.



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